Roses n Poses

Click on the Stonephotographic image link above to take you to the stonephotographic website and portfolio

Stonephotographic have a fully equipped professional photography studio on site within Heffords Flowers. They cater for family portraits, portfolio shoots, product photography, weddings and events.

"Richard had been a keen amateur photographer for many years and had undertaken many photoshoot requests in varied fields over the years for friends and family. He decided to go professional over 5 years ago and has adapted his own unique style to cater for a wider, more varied audience. After graduating from the multi-nationally recognised Photography Institute, he brings that flair and knowledge to Tuckton, Bournemouth and the surrounding area. Visit their website to see samples of their work."

As with our floristry, we offer a friendly, personal service and prefer to discuss a photoshoot on a one-to-one basis, so why not drop in or make an appointment to discuss and plan yours.

Are your family portraits out of date? Are you having a holiday or break in Bournemouth and want some family shots at a local landmark to remember it by? are your website images old and tired? Do you have a new range that you want to showcase? Getting married or engaged? Do you want to build or add to your portfolio of images? Have a teen glamour party to organise? If the answer to any of these is 'Yes' then come down for a coffee and a chat. We'll work it out with you...........

Roses 'n' Poses.................Floristry meets Photography.

See you soon

Richard & Jen